Last week I invited Bridal Make-up artist Hayley Coleman into the Ourania Bridal studio to collaborate on a complete bridal look for 2019.  In this article, I am going to break down the complete look that we created in our facebook video which you can watch here.

Read on if you want to know all about the prep, the make-up, the dress, bridal hair and of course the accessories!

Hair by Martha at Allure Hair dressing Ballina

Hair by Martha at Allure Hair dressing Ballina


Preparing for your big day – Hayley’s fundamental four tips!

Hayley shared some key tips with us for prepping for your big day from skincare to make-up and all of the in-between with her knowledge and trade secrets!

1) Long-term skin prep – For that flawless and dewy look, there’s no quick fix, the work starts well before the wedding bells!

When it comes to preparing a good base for your make-up for the big day it all comes down to your long-term skin prep. About 6 months ahead of the date, invest time on your skin, drink plenty of water and have a daily skin routine. 

2)Trialing – How will you know it’s going to suit you and your complete look if you don’t try it out beforehand?

Wear a white top when you have your bridal make-up trialed, this ensures that the colours used compliment the shade of your dress. Another tip, try to bring a photo of the dress with you to give your make-up artist an idea of the look you want to achieve.  Finally, book your make-up artist the second you know your date to avoid disappointment.

3) Skin prep leading up to your big daythe way you treat your skin in the days leading up to your big day is vital.

The simple secret, treat your skin the same way as you usually do. Opting for overly abrasive exfoliants or peels can you cause irritation or redness if your skin is not used to the treatments. Give your skin time to adjust to any new products or treatments well in advance.

4) On the dayBefore makeup application moisturise and stick to your usual skincare routine. When it comes to products to bring with you on the day,  bring only the essentials – your powder and lipstick!

The complete look by  modeled by Amy Galvin

The complete look by modeled by Amy Galvin


Now referring to the complete look, let’s look at the details below!


The Make-up

 Hayley opted for a soft classic look.


The base -Hayley opted for a strobe cream as a base, to even the skin tone for a smooth finish.


Contour and highlight – she opted for a light contour and highlight using two products, a highlight in MAC pearl and finished with Illmasqua’s OMG highlighter. Illmasqua’s OMG has a golden undertone which compliments most skin tones.

The Eyes and brows – The brows, she went for a natural finish, filling in the model’s natural brow lightly with a brow palette. The model also wore a light smokey eye using pinks and silver tones.

Lips Hayley applied a MAC lip liner in the colour Soar. She opted for a dusty pink which added to the softer overall look and applied MAC lipstick in Creme Cup over the liner.

To make the lip bolder, Hayley recommends mixing a number of tones to get the right shade which suits the tone of your skin. For a bolder lip, she would opt for a MAC lipstick in shades: Cherry, Ruby Roo or Russian Red.

Dress by Thomas Heverin, Ourania Bridal

Dress by Thomas Heverin, Ourania Bridal


The dress Designed by Thomas Heverin

The wedding gown is a design classic – complimentary and flattering to the brides figure accentuating the waist and back.

My comments for the dress – It’s a ball gown style with a low boat neckline to the front, with a lovely low ‘V’ to the back, Chantilly lace with couture lace applique and a belted detail to accentuate the waist. 

In this article we went through the compelte bridal look from makeup right to the dress, we focused mostly on tips for skin prep and make-up.

If you have any questions about the dress design and detail, don’t forget you can always call me for a consultation or an appointment. On 087 410 8346 or contact us on facebook.