Thomas Heverin and all the team are going to be at the Northwest Wedding Expo on January 20th and 21st! The Northwest Wedding Expo is taking place at Knocknearea Arena in Sligo. We look forward to seeing you there and to answering all of your questions.

Wedding Expo’s are great events can be daunting. It either reminds you of all the things you have yet to organise or it can distract you from your vision. We have asked brides from across the Northwest for their top 10  tips to get the most out of your Wedding Expo experience.

1) Stay true to your vision

You have a good idea what your wedding day is going to look like, so keep that in mind and don’t stray from it.  At the end of the day, it’s your one in a lifetime occasion, don’t be swayed too easily if something doesn’t fit into your vision.


2) Why are you going to this expo?

Apart from planning, what is the reason that you are going to this particular wedding show? Will a certain wedding dress designer be there, or a band you want to book? If you have a clear aim for you want to find you are more likely to walk away satisfied.


3) Pinterest and mood boards are your best friend

Winter wedding or boho chic? Before you go to your Wedding Expo have a Pinterest moodboard ready with all of your wedding inspiration. You can download the app along with all of your custom mood boards onto your phone.  It’s a great way to root you back to your vision or, alter it if you see something you’ve fallen in love with – and we don’t mean your fiance!

4) The finer print is everything

Decadent castle, small and intimate or overseas location? It’s easy to fall for a venue despite the price or location – and sometimes this works! Try to have a set of criteria for your wedding venue. Note the terms and conditions: What do packages include? Are promotional prices valid all year round or is this price seasonal? Do you have access to an in-house wedding coordinator inclusive in the price or will this cost extra?


5) Lists are everything

It’s likely that you already have millions of lists and tables. Lists can be boring but are absolutely essential to avoid that pre-wedding day stress and free-up headspace.


7) Budget

Wedding Expo’s can be busy and you may feel rushed. Having your budget written down gives you the confidence to make an informed decision. It means that despite the expense you won’t overspend and skrimp on something else.


8) Planning and logistics

One of the top tips we have found is to have an initial conversation at the expo, go home think about it then make your decision later on. You’re more likely to make a rash decision under pressure which can throw out the logistics of your dream day. Giving yourself breathing time to think and research and evaluate your booking before you commit.


9) Take your time

All good things come to those who wait. Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is meant to be fun and one of the many days that remind of your big day approaching.


10) Company is key

And finally…Bring someone who can ground you and who will support you during stressful times. At the end of the day, you are more likely to take your time and make informed decisions if you’re with someone who wants to be there!